Katie’s Kids is now offering free Family and Classroom Transformation Classes using the award-winning social emotional curriculum, Conscious Discipline®.

What is Conscious Discipline?

Conscious Discipline® is a social-emotional learning program. This program is a trauma-informed, brain-based, comprehensive approach that empowers you with skills that create a safe, connected, problem-solving environment for your family or classroom.

Visit https://consciousdiscipline.com/ to learn more about this amazing curriculum.

In the past year I have been deeply questioning how we raise children in America today. I have been reading many parenting books, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, and researching child development, trauma, and the brain. In November 2021 I found Conscious Discipline® and fell in love. This curriculum brought everything I have learned and resonated with into one comprehensive social emotional learning program. Through my research, I have learned so much and have been able to start implementing new strategies with my own three children and the daycare kids, with great success! I am seeing so many positive changes in the children, and I, as a parent and daycare provider, feel more calm, relaxed and empowered to support the children in my life. I am so passionate about these changes that I have made it my goal to become a certified Conscious Discipline® master instructor. I plan to travel around the United States and possibly the world, teaching, coaching, and transforming children’s lives.

Becoming a certified master instructor for Conscious Discipline® can take years. As I am learning and perfecting my skills, I am offering free classes. The first class I am facilitating is the 10 Session Online Course, Conscious Discipline®: Building Resilient Schools and Homes.

Here is a video to learn more about the class:

What is included in the free 10 session class?

-20 hours of training (10 – 2 hour classes). Each class will consist of watching one Conscious Discipline®: Building Resilient Schools and Homes e-course session, filling out the corresponding workbook pages, group discussion, and practice of the skills learned in the session.

-One-year online access to Dr. Becky Bayley’s award winning 10 session e-course Conscious Discipline®: Building Resilient Schools and Homes that you can watch over and over again at your convenience. ($420.00 value)

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