I would recommend this class to any parent or educator!  I found so much value in the information presented in this class that I am thinking of taking the class again, just to solidify my learning and support my own practice using the tools and techniques.  The information about brain development and brain research was incredibly valuable as the groundwork to change the way in which I interact with my own children at home.  I work in public education, and have found myself using all of the strategies during my daily interactions with kids at school, as well as sharing the strategies and tools with classroom teachers to use!  It has made me feel more confident and calm as a parent and as an educator, and I have seen positive changes in the children in my life already!

Ruth Greiber from Oregon, WI 

Mom of three (11, 8, and 3 years old) and school counselor

Katie’s Conscious Discipline® course was transformative for me and my kids. Like most parents – especially over the course of the last few years – I had just been doing what I needed to do to get by each day without much thought to the long-term implications of my parenting style. Katie’s Conscious Discipline® course not only forced me to look at and change the behavior I was modeling for my kids (yelling at them to stop yelling), but it also taught me parenting techniques that will allow my kids to develop long term, sustainable, means of connecting with their own emotions and others. I loved the discussions that Katie facilitated during class, making the coursework more relatable and attainable. She brought a new layer to the e-learning I could not have gotten on my own and created an environment where we were free to share and grow.

Ellie Uberto from Oregon, WI

Mom of two (7 and 4 years old)

I was apprehensive when I first joined Katie’s Conscious Discipline® class–not because of the content, but because I worried the content would be more driven for the classroom setting.  I do not work in a school or daycare, so I wasn’t sure it would apply to me.  Katie did a really great job of taking the weekly lessons and making them applicable not only to our classroom settings, but to our home settings.  I have been able to implement many changes in my home (some changes are really small) and see the way my children and I are growing in our connection and they are growing in their understanding of our home’s rules and boundaries.  I am the mother of a highly sensitive child–she has some of the most beautiful emotions, but also some of the most challenging!  Katie provided a judgment free zone to talk through a lot of situations and brainstorm different approaches.  This class has really helped me connect with her and understand her in a way I hadn’t before.  Our relationship is really changing and she is growing so much!  Thank you for your support, Katie!

Christine Hopkins from Janesville, WI

Mom of three (12, 10, and 8 years old)