Do you already know about Conscious Discipline®? Have you taken the e-course or read some of Dr. Becky Bailey’s books?  Are you hitting roadblocks or looking for one-on-one support to take your Conscious Discipline® journey to the next level? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then coaching might be right for you.

As I continue to learn and grow on my own Conscious Discipline® journey, I am looking for parents and educators that are fired up about Conscious Discipline® and want more one-on-one guidance and support. I am new to coaching and will be offering this service for free as I am training to become a Conscious Discipline® master instructor.

What does coaching look like?

To start, I will meet with you in person or over a video call. We will discuss your personal experiences with Conscious Discipline® and your goals for coaching. Then we will make a plan specific to you and your needs. A few possible options for coaching could be, but not limited to:
  • Me coming into your home or classroom to observe and take notes. We would meet after to discuss what I noticed and plans for improvement. This could be one time or multiple times depending on your needs.
  • Regular weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed meetings in person or over a video call discussing scenarios or areas you need help or ideas on and brainstorming solutions together.
  • Me providing resources, helping make visual schedules and rules, helping make feeling books, and helping make other personalized books to support your home or classroom.

It is very important to me that the coaching clients I work with are fully committed and willing to take constructive criticism, and work on implementing the changes I suggest. If you are interested in seeing if coaching is right for you, please fill out this form and Katie will contact you soon!